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ATTN PLEASE BOYCOTT WALMART! After the statement that Walmart just released please do not support them! Look at the photos. If you think wearing or not wearing seatbelts would have helped you are blind. That the driver of the Walmart truck was awake more then 24hrs and admitted falling asleep before hitting #tracymorgan and friends and… Was traveling at a speed of 65mph in a 45mph zone!

Walmart Stores Inc., based in Bentonville, Arkansas, said in the filing that the passengers’ injuries were caused “in whole or in part” by their “failure to properly wear an appropriate available seatbelt restraint device,” which it said constitutes unreasonable conduct.

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Time to do work. (at Hyundai Motor America)

Simply put coffee roasted to it’s fullest potential. Wow! I thought while in here from Las Vegas and since it is National Coffee Day I should search out a new coffee lovers paradise. Boy did I find it at Portola Coffee.

Simple no flash menu and drinks focused on the magical bean is what you while find here. Even the Vegan friends will be delighted about the milk alternatives. I ordered the classic hit americano $3.00 and was I impressed. The drink was actually offered to me in a nice ceramic mug to break away from the paper cup only GREEN MONSTER company. Then it was love at first sip. Creamy caramel smooth full body roast that could not have been done any better.

I enjoyed the coffee in the beautiful tranquil court yard out back surrounded by flowers and other green landscape. Perfect ample seating to accompany the perfection in the cup.

#edisongraff #stardustfallout #portolacoffeelab #nationalcoffeeday (at Portola Coffee Lab)

In honor of #nationalcoffeeday I searched out a new and extremely delicious #coffee lovers paradise called #portolacoffeelab - #edisongraff #stardustfallout (at Portola Coffee Lab)

The long bitter sweet road of life. #edisongraff #stardustfallout

Good morning #california Mr. #stardustfallout is back for the day. #edisongraff (at State Line CA/NV)

Another Monday on this lonely road by myself….

I can’t believe how fancy my neighborhood #RedRobin got. Hmm…. I hope they still have the bottomless fries or else I might as well start eating at the #lasvegas casinos. #edisongraff #vegaslife #stardustfallout (at Red Robin Gourmet Burgers)

By far THE BEST Park my daughter and I have found. #MadeiraCanyonPark - #vegaslife #edisongraff #stardustfallout (at Madeira Canyon Park)

Checking out some #lasvegas parks with my daughter today. Taking a much needed day off from work. #vegaslife #edisongraff #stardustfallout (at Silverado Park)

100% Agreed

Shooting some masters of the craft tonight.

Simply delicious! #lasvegas have you sampled the heavenly delights that my friends at @lyfekitchen has to offer? This place is a #vegan paradise! (at LYFE Kitchen, Henderson)

Enjoying a very delicious #vegan Chicken Sandwich at +LYFE Kitchen​ in #henderson #nevada - #edisongraff #vegaslife #lyfekitchen (at LYFE Kitchen, Henderson)